Picture geographic atlas

Yaroshevskaya, Maria Tikhonovna
Picture geographic atlas: 215 pic., Serving as a manual for studying. geography of Russia, mat., fiz. and universal. geography / Comp. M.T. Yaroshevskaya. - Moscow: Type. G. Lissner and A. Geshel, successor. E. Lissner and J. Roman, 1899. -VI p., 45 h. yl. ; 26x35 cm. -
Special location. Scientist. com. M-va public education admitted as a teaching. allowances in secondary and lower education. establishments.
1. Territory (collection).
Source of electronic copy: PB
Location of original: TIAMZ
Publisher тип. Г. Лисснера и А. Гешеля, преемн. Э. Лисснера и Ю. Романа

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