About the Chinese government

On the Chinese government: Taken from the Encyclopedia, composed by a meeting of learned men / Per. with fr. Ivan Zhdanovsky. - M.: Type. Ponomarev, 1789. - [4], 230, III, [1] c .. -
His Excellency Count Theodore Anderman Osterman, acting. the secret adviser, the senator and the orders of St. Alexander Nevsky and St. Anna, the cheerful servant Ivan Zhdanovsky dedicates himself to the knight as a sign of true veneration.
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I. Zhdanovsky, Ivan. II. Osterman, Theodore Andreevich. The people (the collection). 2. China, 1644-1840 years. (Qing) - General works.
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Location of original: TIAMZ
Publisher Тип. Пономарева

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