A note about Pushkin's "Miserly Knight"

Chebyshev, Alexander Alexandrovich (1866-1917).
A note about Pushkin's "Miserly Knight" / А.А. Chebyshev. - St. Petersburg: Type. Imp. Acad. Sciences, 1902. - [2], 13 with. ; 26 cm. -
Part of the text in English.
Bibliograf. in the text and a substring. note .. - Otd. ot. from Sat. "In memory of LN Maikov."
1. The miserly knight. Pushkin, Alexander Sergeevich (1799-1837). 2. The people (the collection).
Source of electronic copy: PB
Location of original storage: UrFU
Publisher тип. Имп. Акад. наук

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