News of the St. Petersburg Slavic Charitable Society. 1907. № 4. April-May

News of the St. Petersburg Slavic Charitable Society
1907. № 4. April-May. - Ed. St. Petersburg Slavic philanthropy. society, 1907. - [2], 255-340 s .. -
The next book of "Slavic news" will be released in September.
Contents: Montenegrin autocracy and the constitution. VII / Rc. The Polabski Slavs: Essays. Part II / E.Yu. Flour. Cultural work among the Slavs. VI. The Czechs in Vienna / PA. Zabolotsky. The Serbian-Turkish War of 1876 Ch. III / N. O-th. New data on the history of the eastern question / A.A. Bashmakov, [and others]. - Bibliograf. in the text and a substring. note
1. The people (the collection).
Source of electronic copy: PB
Location of original: РГПУ им. A.I. Herzen
Publisher Изд. С.-Петербургского славянского благотворит. общества

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