Red archive. 1931. T. 6 (49)

Red archive
1931. T. 6 (49). - 1931. -155 p. : tab. -
On the region: Tsentralhiv.
On the region: T. 49.
Contents: The Spanish Revolution of 1873-1874. To the history of the defeat of the armed forces of Kolchak. Notes NM. Romanov. Reports gene-leit. Seliverstova and Drentina to Alexander II. P.A. Stolypin and the Sveaborg Rebellion, [and others]. - Bibliograf. in a substring. Notes. - Ex: from the rukop. litter.
. -2250 copies. .
1. The people (the collection).
Source of electronic copy: PB
Location of original: РГПУ им. A.I. Herzen

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