New Year, or Preliminary Preparations for Repentance, teachings from the New Year to the holy fourties, Evlampia, Bishop of Volo...


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Yevlampy (Pyatnitsky, Peter Nikitich; archbishop; 1794-1862).
New Year, or Pre-preparatory to repentance teachings from the New Year to the holy fourties, Evlampii, Bishop of Vologda, now the Archbishop of Tobolsk. - Moscow: Type. Alexandra Semena, 1853. - [4], IV, 337, II, [1] from .. -
The title on the promontory: New Year.
Bibliography in the text. - A copy of THIAMZ: no cover.
1. The people (collection). 2. Holidays in the history of Russia (collection). 3. New Year, holiday - Speeches, speeches, etc. 4. Orthodox holidays - Russia - Speeches, speeches, etc. 5. Orthodox church sermons.
BBK 63.3 (2) 522-7
BBK 86.372.24-52
Source of electronic copy: PB
Original storage: Tobolsk GIAMZ
Издательство Тип. Александра Семена
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