Construction of the stadium "St. Petersburg". [16]

Chizhenok, Alexander Evgenievich (1955).
Construction of the stadium "St. Petersburg". [16]: [photo] / photo AE Chizhenka. - Electronic data (1 file, JPEG, 3.9 MB). -Saint Petersburg, September 10, 2016. -
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The new stadium "St. Petersburg", built in 2016, is located on the Krestovsky Island in St. Petersburg at the site of the Kirov Stadium (1950). The author of the project is the Japanese architect Kise Kurokawa. The project provided for the preservation of the dimensions of the hill and pavilions of the Kirov Stadium, the location of the football field, the preservation of cash pavilions and the monument to SM Kirov in front of the stadium. The main constructive solutions of the project was the overlapping of the bowl of the stands with a sliding roof diameter of 286 m, supported by 8 masts, and a retractable field that allows not to conduct football events on a concrete foundation. The area of ​​the new stadium is 287 600 square meters. m, capacity - 56 196 people, a zone for 400 people is allocated. for the media. The stadium hosted matches of the FIFA Confederations Cup in 2017, matches of the 2018 FIFA World Cup were organized .
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