Forest magazine.G. 13. 1883. Vol.7-8

Forest JournalG. 13. 1883. Vol.7-8.- Type of.V.S.Balasheva, 1883. -411-456, 63-183 p.: Tab .. -Part of the text on it.Yaz.The magazine is sent free of charge to all honorary and valid members of the forest society.Content: Our Teachers: Garthig, Cotta, Gundesgagegen, Pfel and König / F. Arnold.Letters from Moscow / P. Zhrud.Historical grove "Dubki under Sestroretsky": Proceedings of the 5th Congress of Forestry in Moscow: (Appendix) / S. Raunner.Ads.- Bibliogr.In the text and substitution.Note .. - Ex.: without tit.l..1. People (collection).Electronic Source: PBOriginal storage location: VIR
Publisher Тип. В.С. Балашева

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