Forest magazine.G. 25. 1895. Vol.1. January-February

Forest JournalG. 25. 1895. Vol.1. January-February: ed.Forest O-Wa in St. Petersburg.- Type of.St. Petersburg Graduality, 1895. -105 p., 3 l.Il.: Il., Table .. -The magazine is released 6 times a year, it is sent free of charge to the actual members of St. Petersburg.Forest society.Content.II.What should be taken against ravines / E. Kern.III.What a method of afforestation of arable land is most suitable for Tula province / core.IV.Bavarian Forest Experimental Station / Vasily Ogievsky.V. On the adaptation of the bath for drying pine cones and extraction of seeds / nerd, [and others].- Bibliogr.In the text and substitution.Note .. - Ex.: no oblast, with a manus.litter..I. Forest Society (St. Petersburg) .1People (collection).Electronic Source: PBOriginal storage location: VIR
Publisher Тип. С.-Петербургского Градоначальства

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