Forest magazine.G. 40. 1910. Issue3. Mart

Forest JournalG. 40. 1910. Issue3. March: ed.Forest O-Wa in S. Petersburg.- Type of.Spb.Graduality, 1910. -VIII, 233-444, [6], V, [1], 305-467 p., 19 liters.Il., Count., Table.: Tab .. -Content.II.Introduction to the forest management / E.E.Kern.III.Some data on forest and other plant formations of the Zagule Mountains, the Symbirian lips.: (From Fot.) / R. Aboline.IV.On the need to keep in the forestry of the history of cultures / D. Dementiev.V. A series of articles on forest mycology: (from Fot.) / G. Dorny, [and others].- In the book.Also: Forest policy, Hunting Policy and Fisheries / Dr. A. Shvappakh;Per.with it.A.V.Kostyaeva, Forest Auditor, head of the general organization of work on strengthening sands and ravines.- Bibliogr.In the text and substitution.Note .. - Ex.: without tit.l..I. Forest Society (St. Petersburg) .1People (collection).Electronic Source: PBOriginal storage location: VIR
Publisher Тип. Спб. Градоначальства

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