Forest Journal, published by the Society for the promotion of forestry. 1847. No. 33. August 16

Forest Journal, published by the Society for the Promotion of Forestry
1847. № 33. August 16. - A type. III Dep. Own. EI V. Chancery, 1847. -257-264 s .. -
Weekly on Saturdays.
Contained: On the introduction in the forests of correct felling: An extract from the work of G. Teploukhov: (Ending). A look at the forests of state farmers in the Kursk Uyezd. The lowest hunting in all its forms in the forest, in the field and on the water. Part 2. Hunting in Algeria: (Ending). Laying and transportation of living plants. - Bibliograf. in the text. - Ex .: without a domain
1. The people (the collection).
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Publisher тип. III Отд. собств. е. и. в. канцелярии

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