Forest Journal, published by the Society for the promotion of forestry. 1847. No. 44. November 1

Forest Journal, published by the Society for the Promotion of Forestry
1847. No. 44. November 1. - A type. III Dep. Own. EI V. Chancellery, 1847. -345-352 p. : tab. -
Weekly on Saturdays.
Contents: Information on afforestation in the southern part of Russia: (Ending). Forest statistics of the Kingdom of the Saxon and Austrian Empire. On the nutrition of plants. Forest industry: Translation from French. Animal trades among the peoples of the Tur language, inhabiting southern Siberia, [and others]. - Bibliograf. in the text. - Ex .: without a domain
1. The people (the collection).
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Publisher тип. III Отд. собств. е. и. в. канцелярии

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