Brief domestic story in stories

Christmas, s.A brief domestic history in stories: for folk and general primary schools: with portraits of wonderful persons / Sost.S. christmas.- 32nd ed.-Sanct-Petersburg: Book Print Schmidt, 1911. -239, [1] p.: Il .. -On tit.L.: (93-97 tens. thousand).Approved by the scientist Mr. people.Pros.For urban schools and for free folk readers;Maritime Ministry - for schools and libraries of the lower ranks;Department of Empress Mary - for shelters, rural and patriotic schools;Adopted in church-parish schools.On add.Tit.l.Titched: Domestic history.On add.Tit.l.PZEG.: For folk schools.Ex.: No oblast, with a manus.litter., Def.: Part of the text goes into the binding..1. People (collection).Electronic Source: PBOriginal Storage Place: UrFU
Publisher книгопечатня Шмидт

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