Inspection of minesweepers T-114, T-118, submarine U-362. The trawler T-118, hydroacoustic image

Melnikov, Ilya Sergeevich
Inspection of minesweepers T-114, T-118, submarine U-362. Mine trawler T-118, hydroacoustic image: [photo] / photo IS Melnikova, OOO "Fertoing". - Electronic data (1 file: 1.3 MB).
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August 8, 1944 as part of the convoy "BD-5" (White Sea - Dixon) transport "Marina Raskova", accompanied by three minesweepers "T-114", "T-116" and "T-118" left the port of Molotovsk (now Severodvinsk) towards the port of Dixon. On board there were more than 6,500 tons of cargo and 420 people of the crew and passengers, including women and children, on the trawlers there were 339 people. In the evening of August 12, the transport of Marina Raskova, the minesweepers T-114 and T-118 were torpedoed by a German U-365 submarine, 378 people were killed. In 2015, under the second season of the Kara expedition, trawlers were discovered by marine engineers at depths of 65-70 meters. Ships have significant damage to the hull as a result of torpedoing a submarine and detonating its own stock. The regional public project "Karskie Expeditions" was implemented with the financial support of the NGO "Regional Innovation Investment Fund" YAMAL " .
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