Operation to lift sunken aircraft in the Kerch Strait. Descent of the diver ACC "Rescuer Demidov"

Melnikov, Ilya Sergeevich
Operation to lift sunken aircraft in the Kerch Strait Descent of the diver ASS "Rescuer Demidov": [photo] / Photo I Melnikova, Ltd. "Fertoing" - Electronic data (1 file: 1.5 MB) -Kerchen Strait, 2016 -
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During the construction works of the bridge across the Kerch Strait, an archaeological survey of the bottom was made, as a result of which four Il-2 attack aircraft were found, crashed in 1943 g in the course of the Kerch-Eltigen landing operation of the Red Army. In 2015-2016, the joint underwater exploratory expedition of the Kronstadt Maritime Museum, the regional search association Podvig (Gelendzhik), the Azov-Black Sea branch of the Morspasluzhba Rosmorrechflot FBU and Fertoing Ltd. was launched an operation to lift aircraft. The expedition was attended by: a multifunctional rescue ship "Rescuer Demidov", marine engineers and diving experts from St. Petersburg, military historians, search engines and journalists The mission of the expedition included the inspection and safe recovery of the detected aircraft, the identification of their crews and the possible reburial of the found remains of the dead pilots. The expedition was conducted in several stages. In April 2015, the first Il-2 attack aircraft with the remains of the crew was found on the bottom of the Kerch Strait. Raised on August 17, 2015 g Shot on November 1, 1943, the crew was killed: pilot - junior sergeant Udarov Alexander Petrovich, born in 1918, native of the village of Pervomayskaya, Chechen-Ingush ASSR, shooter - junior sergeant Kali nkin Peter Pavlovich, born in 1924, native of the village of Sergievka, Umet district, Tambov region. After restoration work, the stormtrooper was transferred as an exhibit to the military patriotic park of culture and recreation of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation Patriot. Work on lifting the remaining aircraft was carried out in April and May 2016 diver managed to raise three more attack planes Il-2 In one of the stormtroopers were found the remains of the crew Members of the underwater expedition together with representatives of the regional search association "Podvig" install and the names of the crew members of the stormtroopers found: 1) Il-2 aircraft, raised April 14, 2016 Shot on December 2, 1943, the crew was killed: pilot - junior lieutenant Eduard Valentin Petrovich, shooter - junior sergeant Silin Vladimir Yakovlevich, born in 1925, native of the village Krupiha of the Zaikovsky district of the Sverdlovsk region; 2) Il-2 aircraft, raised on June 15, 2016Shot on November 28, 1943 Crew: pilot - Myshko Evgeny Kirillovich, jumped with a parachute, died of wounds in the village Vyshesteblevskaya 02121943 g, shooter - no data; 3) Il-2 aircraft, raised June 17, 2016 Shot on December 5, 1943, the crew was killed: pilot - junior sergeant Sedov Ivan Mikhailovich, born in 1903, native of the village of Stremka, Vadsky district, Kirov region, shooter - Red Army man Friedman Boris Natanovich, 1923 Born in the city of Kiev Raised aircraft, after carrying out research and restoration work, will take places in the expositions of Russian museums dedicated to the Great Patriotic War
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