A modern view of the "healing power of nature"


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Burzhinsky, Pavel Voitsekhovich (1858-1926).
A modern view of the "healing power of nature": a speech read at the solemn act of the Imperial Tomsk University on October 22, 1896, prof. P. Burzhinsky. - Tomsk: lithography of MN Kononov, 1896. -26 pp. -
Published according to the definition of the Council of the Imperial Tomsk University. Editor of University News A. Sudakov.
On the title page there is a gift inscription.
1. The people (the collection). 2. Medicine - History - Russia - 19th century. - Speeches, speeches, and the like.
ББК 5г
Source of electronic copy: State Library of Ugra
Location of original: State Library of Ugra
Издательство типо-литография М. Н. Кононова
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