World History Lectures

Petrov, Mikhail Nazarovich (1826-1887).Lectures on the World History: [T.1-5] / prof.M. N. Petrov ([Mind] 23 Jan. 1887).- ed.2nd, copy.and add.-C.-Petersburg: Type.M. M. Stasyulevich, 1904-1910.-5 t .;25 cm. -Society.Stall.5th T.: addition to lectures on world history prof.M.N.Petrova;Before talked.Auto: P.N.Ardashev, prof.UniversityVladimir.Repeability indication Ed.absent.Bibliogr.At the beginning of chapters and notes..I. Ardashev, Pavel Nikolaevich (1865-1922).II.Berezovsky, in ..Electronic copy source: RGB
Publisher издал В. Березовский
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