The story of Peter the Great

Brikner, Alexander Gustavovich (1834-1896).The story of Peter the Great: [in 6 parts] / Text A. G. Brikner;Stall.Sheet, rank.Letters and decorations art.Panova;GravOn the panone-beer tree and Matte in Paris, Kebereg and Ertel in Leipzig [and others].- St. Petersburg: A. S. Suvorin, 1882-.- 27 cm. -.I. Matte.II.Panov, Ivan Stepanovich (1844-1885).III.Panoneacher, Etienne (1847 -). 1.Peter I (emperor; 1672-1725).2. History.Historical sciences - Russia - the period of feudalism (4 V.-1861) - the formation of the Russian Empire (1682-1725) is an overview of the reign of the Russian Emperor Peter I (1682-1725).3. Russia.Electronic copy source: RGB
Publisher А. С. Суворин

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