Collection of geographical, astronomical and physical notes

Collection of geographical, astronomical and physical notes.- in St. Petersburg: love of [!] Imperial Academy of Sciences, 1787-1791.- 8 ° (21 cm).-Ed.According to the observation of S.Y.Rumovsky.Circulation Part 1 - 912 Ex., Part 2 - 342 copies.SatArt., selected.From "Notes to Vedomosti" for 1729, 1730, 1732 and 1733.Part 1: About the longitude and latitude of the place (p.1-8);On the arrival of water in the Neva River and on the bilge and lowwe / I.G.Leitman and L. Eilera (P.9-51);About the engagement of the Gekla Mountain (p.52-114);About former recently great Northern Lights / G.V.Craft (p.115-165);About visual pipes / GVCraft (p.166-227);Part 2: About Earth in general (C.1-55);About winds (p.56-116);About the spindles (p.117-143);On places Fire from themselves emitting / Gmlin (p.144-197);About the gravating of rivers (p.198-207);About the rain and dew (c.208-215).- SK XVIII..I. Gmelin, Johann Georg (1709-1755).II.Rumovsky, Stepan Yakovlevich (1734-1812).III.Kraft, Georg Wolfgang (1701-1754).IV.Leitman, Johann Georg (1667-1736).V. Euler, Leonard (1707-1783) .1.Geography - educational publications.2. Astronomy - educational publications.3. Physics - educational publications.BBK 26.89Y7BBK 22.3y7BBK 22.6Y7Electronic copy source: RGBPlace of Storage Original: RGB
Publisher Изждивением [!] Императорской Академии наук
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