Kiev Metropolitan Peter Tomb and his associates

Golubev, Stefan Timofeevich (1849-1920).Kiev Metropolitan Peter Tomb and his associates: (experience historical inland) / [cit.] S. Golubev.- Kiev: Type.T. Korchak-Novitzkago, 1883-1898.- 24 cm. -SUNG.2nd: The experience of church historical historical..1. Peter Mogila (Metro. Kiev and Galitsky; 1596-1647).2. History.Historical sciences - the history of foreign countries - Ukraine - the period of feudalism (6 V. - 60s. 19th century) - Ukraine from the last quarter of the 15th century.Until 1654 - the period of the liberation struggle of the Ukrainian people against foreign enslavers for reunification with Russia (1569-1654) - Persons of state and socio-political figures - Peter Mogila (1596-1647) - Religious leader Metropolitan Kiev, Galitsky and AllRus.3. Religion - Christianity - Orthodoxy - the Russian Orthodox Church - the history of the Russian Orthodox Church - the Russian Orthodox Church from 9th century.Until 1861 - Russian Orthodox Church at 16th.17th century- History of the West-Russian Orthodox Church (15-18 centuries) - Persons of religious figures - Peter Tombla (1596-1647) is a religious leader, Metropolitan of Kiev, Galitsky and All Russia.4. Russia.BBK T3 (2K) 442-8Petr grave, 0BBK E372.24-344.8-028Petr grave, 0BBK 63.3 (4ukr) 4-8Petr graveElectronic copy source: RGB
Publisher тип. Г. Т. Корчак-Новицкаго

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