Life and Slavnya Emperor Peter Velikago University of All-Russian

Orfelin, Zahariya (1726-1785).With the assumption [!] A brief geographic and political history about the Russian kingdom: now the first in the Slaven language is written off and published.- in Venice: in the printing house Dimitria Pheodozia, 1772. - 4 °.-It originated.var.Part 1, different from tit.l, dedicated to., Prepared.and the presence of grief.Il.and cards.Tit.l.originated.Var.: "The story of the life and glorious affairs of the Velikago Sovereign of the Emperor Peter Pervago Autrogement of the All-Russia, which, with a proposal of a brief geographical and political history about the Russian kingdom and with many medals, drawings and other different belonging, his own hand-made figures, and the Say of the Say of the Great Empire Cathedral;Nowadays, Zaharia Orphhelin, Ceso-Royal Vienna Academy of Arts, composed in Slachant, Ceso-Royal Vienna Academy, Type. Dimitria Feodosia, 1772.Tit.l.And with. [1-8] dedicated.engraved.Prepared.auth.occupies with. [1-12].There are two fronts.: Port.Peter I and reproduction of medals in honor of Catherine II coronation.In the book29 litersGravand 9 litersMaps and a long time, her publisher - D. Podozi.Dedicated.Catherine II on p. [3-8] Part 1 signed by his name.SK XVIII..I. Theodosis, Dimitri.1.Catherine II (IMP.; 1729-1796).2. Peter I (imp.; 1672-1725).Electronic copy source: RGB
Publisher В типографии Димитрия Феодозия

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