New and Complete Geographical Dictionary of Russian State, or Lexicon,

Maksimovich, Lev MaksimovichNew and full geographical dictionary of Russian state, or lexicon,cities, fortresses, redoubts, outposts, osary, yasashnya wintering, village, place, villages, grades, pits and settlements;Cathedrals, churches and monasteries;ore and other plants and factories;rivers, lakes and sea;Islands and mountains;Former and new foreign settlement;the inhabitants of both natural Russian and other peoples, and other than the worst of the extensive Empire of the Russian in the current state, in the reign of Empress Ekaterina Goryaky Novouroined;: With an explanation and those places that in the old war and the past Turkish;And some, before that from Persia, the Russian or possessed were, or now they are still in possession;Also those who are in the Pres Slask real reign with Belarus and with the Peninsula Crimea to Russia are attached;: From memorable and reliable ancient and new sources assembled.- Moscow: Univ.Type., N.Novikova, 1788-1789.- 4 °.-The dictionary established in Russia fairs and trades M.D. Chulkova, came out in the same type.Ponomareva.Extra.reisside.Geographer.Lexicon F.A. Polunina.The dictionary of the fairs established in Russia fairs and bidding / [M.D. Chulkov] (S.I-CCXXVI Part 4 and 6).- SK XVIII..I. Chulkov, Mikhail Dmitrievich (approx. 1743-1792).II.Polunin, Fyodor Afanasyevich (1735/1736 - no later than 1788) .1.Russia - geography - dictionaries.BBK 26.89 (2) y21Electronic copy source: RGBOriginal Storage Place: RGB
Publisher Унив. тип., у Н.Новикова
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