News of military actions of the Russian army against the French

News on hostilities of the Russian army against the French.- In St. Petersburg: in the medical printing house, 1813-1814.- 8 ° (18 cm).-Reprint of genuine documents - reports, reports sent from the current army, including published by military-acquired printing house.Cost.A.S.Coin.US.337 [part 1]: Supplement to page 75. Content.Government report on joining Moscow Napoleon's troops;US.61 - 64 [h.3] Decree Alexander I dated June 10, 1814;US.1 - 26 (Pag. 2nd) [part.3]: To page 8. Magazine Journal, from July 30 to September 1;US.[1 - 6] [h.3] extracts from documents related to military actions 1813 g. - the consolidated catalog of the Russian book 1801-1825..I. Koyleinsky, Alexey Stepanovich.1.Patriotic War - 1812 - Documents and Materials.2. Foreign hikes of Russian troops - 1813 - 1814 - Documents and materials.BBK 63.3 (2) 521.1-686u11BBK 68.35 (2) 5Y11Electronic copy source: RGBOriginal Storage Place: RGB
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