Criminal law and process

Journal of criminal law and process.- 1912, № 1 - 1913, № 4. -C.-Petersburg: V. D. Nabokov, 1912-1913.-PZEG: 1912 № 3 - 1913 The International Union of Criminalists published under the Russian group.Published under the nearest participation: M. N. Hernet, A. A. Zhizhinko, E. M. Kulisher, P. I. Lublinsky, V. D. Nabokova, N. N. Polyansky and M. P. Chubinsky.Out4 times a year..I. Nabokov, Vladimir Dmitrievich (1869-1922).II.Hernet, Mikhail Nikolaevich (1874-1953).III.Zhizhalinko, Alexander Alexandrovich (1873-1930).IV.Kulisher, Evgeny Mikhailovich (1881-1956).V. Lublinsky, Pavel Isaakovich (1882-1938).Vi.Polyansky, Nikolai Nikolaevich (1878-1961).VII.Chubinsky, Mikhail Pavlovich (1871-1943).VIII.International Union of Criminist.Russian Group.1.Power (collection).2. Domestic serial and continuing editions (collection).3. Criminal law - Russia - 19 - beginning.20 centuries.-- Periodicals.4. Legal journals - Russia - 19-20 centuries ..BBK 67.3 (2) 53Y52BBK 67.408 (2) -1Y52
Publisher В. Д. Набоков
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