Izvestia Imperial Tomsk University

Imperial Tomsk University.News of the Imperial Tomsk University.- KN.1-70, T. 71-.-Tomsk, 1889-1916.-Titched: KN.1 (1889) - 65 (1916) News of the Imperial Tomsk University (on tit. L. KN. 1 - 2: Tomsk University Izvestia; In the book. 50 (1913). None);Kn.66 (1917) - 84 (1929) Izvestia Tomsk State University;From T. 85 (1932) Proceedings of the Tomsk State University (from T. 87 (1935) ... named after V. V. Kuibyshev);T. 98 (1947) Proceedings of Tomsk State University.V. V. Kuibyshev and Tomsk State Pedagogical Institute;DepartureVol.From 1948 to 1976outUnder the stall: Proceedings of the Tomsk Order of the Labor Red Banner of the State University.V. V. Kuibyshev (t. 204 (1971) Zavel. No);From T. 266 (1998) - Bulletin of Tomsk State University.The editor of the publication was the current rector of the university;Separate Toms met: prof.A. I. Sudakov (1901-1902);prof.M. G. Kurlov (1904-1905, 1907);prof.F. K. Kruger (1908-1909);I. A. Bazanov (1911-1912).Publisher: Council of the Imperial Tomsk University.Inside the issues are mixed, about 374-1574 p.;Contains cards, tables, illustrations.As part of the Izvestia KN.21 were printed "Proceedings of the Legal Cabinet at Tomsk University.Statistical and economic department ", vol.1.OutSince 1889 in the period 1889-1916.65 volumes came out, in 1917-1929.Toms from 66 to 84 were out, in 1932-1976.Tom 85-265 came out, in the period from 1976 to 1998.The magazine was not published, resumed in 1998 with Tom 266.CN content.1-9 1889-1896 in the KN.10 1896. S. I-VIII..I. Sudakov, A. and .. Ii.Kurles, M. g. III.Kruger, F. K .. IV.Bazanov, I. A..1.Imperial Tomsk University - Research Work - Periodicals.2. Territory of Russia (Collection).3. People (collection).4. Domestic serial and continuing editions (collection).5. Scientific journals - Russia - 19 - NCH.20 centuries ..BBK 63.3 (28-8Th) 5-7Я52BBK 95.4.
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