Theater album

Lebedev, Alexander Ignatievich (artist; 1830-1898).Theater album / drawings by artist A. I. Lebedev;text by P.V. Bykov.- St. Petersburg: Edition of the journal "Dragonfly", 1879. - [3] p., 8 p.Portr.;49 cm. -UrFU Instance: without cover..I. Bykov, Peter Vasilievich (writer; 1843-1930) .1.The people (collection).2. Russia in persons (collection).3. Year of the theater in Russia (collection).4. Russian opera singers - 19th century- Albums.5. Russian actors - Albums.BBK 85.333 (2) -8ya61Source of electronic copy: BOPOriginal storage: UrFU
Publisher Изд. журн. "Стрекоза"
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