Russia - ASEAN: history and modernity

Russia - ASEAN: history and modernity: [electronic exhibition] / Presidential Library, [Exhibition Department]; design - Marevskaya M. V. - Electronic data (40 files, JPEG: 44.1 MB). -Saint Petersburg: Presidential Library, 2016. -
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The electronic exhibition was prepared for the Russia-ASEAN summit of 2016, which was held in Sochi. The exhibition materials include archival documents (letters, messages, notes, etc.) relating to the history of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) summits in 1996-2012. .
I. Marevskaya, Maria Vladimirovna. II. Presidential Library (St. Petersburg). Exhibition department. III. "Russia - ASEAN", the summit (Sochi, 2016) .1. ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) - Exhibitions. 2. Russia and the countries of the world (collection). 3. Russia - Malaysia: from the history of relationships (collection).
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