The life of Count Nikita Ivanovich Panin

Fonvizin, Denis Ivanovich (1744 / 1745-1792).
Life of Count Nikita Ivanovich Panin. - The second edition. -In St. Petersburg: Printed with the permission of the police station near the city of Vilkovskago and Galchenkov, 1786. -29, [1] p. ; 12 ° (17 cm). -
There is an assumption that per. with fr. orig. made I. Dmitriev.
Add. to: Vasily Baranshchikov's impassable adventure of the philistine Nizhny Novgorod ... - In St. Petersburg, 1793.
This ed. was undertaken by P.I. Bogdanovich.
1 st ed. "Life NI Panin" appeared in 1784 on Fr. yaz. under the heading: Precis historique de la vie du comte Nikita Iwanowitsch de Panin (Londres, 1784).
For the first time Rus. trans. was napech. in the magazine: Mirror of Light. 1786. Part. P.73-89) with a number of omissions compared with fr.
I. Dmitriev, Ivan Ivanovich (1760-1837). II. Bogdanovich, Pyotr Ivanovich (? -1803). III. The typography of Vilkovskiy E.K. and Galchenkova F.A. (St. Petersburg) .1. Panin, Nikita Ivanovich (1718-1783).
Source of the electronic copy: RSL
Publisher Печатано с дозволения указнаго у г. Вильковскаго и Галченкова
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