Notes of Manstein about Russia 1724-1744.


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Notes of Manstein about Russia 1724-1744. : Remarks on them gr. Petr Ivanovich Panin was written in the 1770s. - St. Petersburg: type. V.S. Balashov, 1879. - [2], 112 with. ; 23. -
The authorship of P.I. Panin is not exactly established; alleged authors as well: Minich, Johann Ernst; Osterman, Ivan Andreevich.
At the end of the text the publisher: P.N. Petrov.
Ott. from the east. journal. "Russian Antiquities", ed. 1879, book. 11 and 12.
I. Minich, Johann Ernst (1707-1783). II. Osterman, Ivan Andreevich (1725-1804). III. Osterman, Fedor Andreevich (1723-1804). IV. Manstein, Christopher Herman (1711-1757). V. Panin, Petr Ivanovich (1721-1789). VI. Petrov, Petr Nikolaevich (publ., 1827-1891). VII. Minich, Johann Ernst (1707-1783).
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