Princess Elena Glinskaya

Dmitriev, Dmitry Savvateevich (1848-1915).Princess Elena Glinskaya: Historical Tale D. Dmitrieva.- Moscow: Type.T -va I. D. Sytin, 1899. -156 p.;20 cm. -.1. Elena Glinskaya (Vel. Princess;? -1538).2. Philological sciences.Fiction - Russia - Russian literature - con.19 - beginning.20th century(The 2nd Paul. The 90s of the 19th century-1917)-works of fiction-artistic prose-novels.Story.Stories - historical novels, novels, stories.BBK Sh5 (2 = p) 53-644.2Electronic copy source: RSL
Publisher тип. Т-ва И. Д. Сытина