Speech to the Emperor and the autocrat of the All-Russian Alexander the First,

Seraphim (Glagolevsky, Stefan Vasilyevich, 1757-1843).
We are the Emperor and Autocrat of all Russia Alexander I,: on the highest of His Majesty's arrival in the reigning city of Moscow, / speaking Svyateyshago pravitelstvuyuschago member of the Synod, Metropolitan of Moscow and Kolomna and St. Sergius Lavra sacred-archimandrite, and a knight of Seraphim, 1820 July 16 days. - Moscow: In the Synodal Printing House, 1820. -4 p. ; 4 ° (24 cm). -
to: Thomson, D. Four seasons. - Moscow, 1802.
1. Alexander I (Imp, 1777-1825).
Source of the electronic copy: RSL
Publisher В Синодальной типографии
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