Notes, proper to history, sciences, arts, morals, customs, and so on.Chinese people composed by the preachers of Christian faith...

Notes, proper to history, sciences, arts, morals, customs, and so on.The Chinese, composed by the preachers of the Christian faith in Beijing: published [s] in Paris from the will and approval of the king in 1776- [1778], in the Russian language he was shifted [s] in 1785- [1787], the province of the Moscow, Klinsky district, in the RussianSelce Mikhalev [Mikhail Verevkin].- Moscow: In the university printing house, N. Novikov, 1786-1788.- 4 °.-Authors: Cibot, Bourgeois, Amiot are indicated in the text of the original publication.The translator is indicated at the end of the initiation.On the shmetstitula the title: "Notes Chinese."Portraits of Chinese emperors, scientists and statesmen in vol. 5-6 are crossed from the French publication.Per.t. 1-3 ed.: Memoires Concernant L'histoire, Les Sciences, Les Arts, Les Moeurs, Les Usages, etc.des Chinois.Par les Missionnaires de Pekin [Jmamiot, F.Bourgeois, PM Cibot, etc.] Paris, 1776-1778.In six new whole -skinned bindings made under Russian bindings of the XVIII century.Golden embossing on the roots, on the front covers of gold, princely monogram is pulled out, the furious - a "peacock tail", painted a sawn -off shotgun.- Wounter ink records: "From the books of Fedor Martynov" t. 1-5 - on the back of the shmutztitula, vol. 6 - on the shmutitutle;"3/64" T.1-5 - on Shmutztitul, t.6 - on the back of the shmetstitula.- SK XVIII 2320..I. Verevkin, Mikhail Ivanovich (1732-1795).II.Novikov, Nikolai Ivanovich (writer; 1744-1818).III.Sibo, Pierre Martial (1727-1781).IV.Cibot, Pierre Martial.V. Bourgeois, Francois.VI.Amio, Joseph Marie (1718-1794).VII.Amiot, Joseph Marie.VIII.Bourgeois, Francois (1723-1792).IX.University of Moscow.Printing house. 1.China is a story.2. China - culture - history.BBK 63.3 (5kit)BBK 71.122 (5kit)Electronic copy source: PBOriginal storage location: PB
Publisher в Университетской типографии, у Н. Новикова
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