Nikolai Alekseevich Nekrasov.1821-1878

Nikolai Alekseevich Nekrasov.1821-1878 [Isomaterial: Electronic resource]: [Postcard] / Artists N. Vikhrev, E. Vekrev.- Electronic data (2 files: 2.5 MB).- (St. Petersburg: Presidential Library, 2015).-Access mode: Internet portal of the Presidential Library.Title from the screen.Title on the front side below the image.Electronic reproduction of postcards: Nikolai Alekseevich Nekrasov.1821-1878 [Majmaterial] / Artists N. Vikhrev, E. Vorki.Moscow: Fine Arts, 1971. 1 Postcard: Color offset.C. 315. 3 kopecks.Location: Children's Museum of Postcards, St. Petersburg.Copying users are not allowed..I. Vekrev, Nikolai Fedorovich (artist; 1909-1983).II.Vikhrev, Efim Fedorovich (1901-1935).III.Presidential Library (St. Petersburg) .1Nekrasov, Nikolai Alekseevich (1821 - 1877) - in the visual arts - postcards.2. People (collection).3. Russia in faces (collection).4. N. A. Nekrasov (Collection).5. Postcards in the Fund of the Presidential Library (Collection).6. Art postcards - USSR - 1945-1991.BBK 63.3 (2) 52-8Y61BBK 83.3 (2 = 411.2) 52-8-261Electronic Source: PBOriginal Storage Place: Children's Museum Postcards
Publisher Изобразительное искусство
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