Atlas of battles of the XIX century

Atlas of battles of the 19th century = Schlachteen-Tlas des neunzehnten Jahrhunders: The period of time from 1820 to the present: plans of the most important battles, fighting and sediment with explanatory text and the application of common maps, with a brief presentation of the campaign in Europe, Asia and America: Pop.1- / Translated from the German General Staff of Lieutenant Colonel Chekmarev.- 2nd edition.-Sank-Petersburg: published by V. Berezovsky, [189-?].- 34 cm. -.I. Chekmarev, Viktor Ivanovich (1861-1939) .1.People (collection).2. Power (collection).3. Military history - 19 in ..BBK 68.35 (0) 5Electronic copy source: PBOriginal storage location: GPIB
Publisher издал В. Березовский
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