Icon "Leningrad. Museum of A. Suvorov"

Icon "Leningrad Museum A Suvorov": [photography] / photographer A Melentyev -Electronic data (1 file: 1.2 MB) -SANKT -Petersburg: Presidential Library B. N Yeltsin, 2015 -2015Access mode: Internet portal of the Presidential Library named after B N YeltsinTitle based on the analysis of the objectCopying by users is not allowedIn the photo: the souvenir icon "Leningrad Museum A Suvorov" icon of rectangular shape, in the center - the embossed symbolic image of the building of the museum a Suvorov in the upper part of the inscription B two lines: "Museum A Suvorov" In the lower part the inscription: "Leningrad" White metal stamping sizeicon of 20x23 mm Bulamot mount on the back of the manufacturer: an experimental plant of a metal galangter and souvenirs "Leningrad souvenir", price 20 kopecks: from a private assembly - on the souvenir icon "Leningrad Museum A Suvorov" The building of the State Memorial Museum A B is shownSuvorov, located on the corner of Kirochnaya and Tauride streets in Leningrad (since 1991 - St. Petersburg), the museum was built in St. Petersburg in 1901-1904, according to the highest co -calling of Emperor Nicholas II, the building was built specifically for the Museum for Project A and von GauguinGrimma in the style of ancient Russian fortresses - the guard tower and the walls leaving from it with loopholes aboutAnd the wings of the main facade are decorated with mosaic paintings performed by the mosaists of Naslennikov and M and Zoshchenko (father of the writer M M Mm Zoshchenko) according to the sketches of artists A N Popov ("Suvorov’s transition through the Alps" ) and Shabunin ("Departure of Suvorov on a campaign of 1799") Under the tent of the central tower crowned with a double-headed eagle, the princely emblem is located in Suvorov, the entrance to the museum is decorated in the form of the ancient Russian palace porch. The grand opening and church consecration of the Suvorov Museum took place on the day of the 175th anniversary of the commander of the commander, November 13 (according to st.style) in 1904 in 1918-1950 the museum was closed and opened again only in 1951, but not as a memorial, but as a military historical in 1991 the museum was returned to the initial status and it became known as the State Memorial Museum A in SuvorovI Melentyev, Alexey Mikhailovich (1958-) Presidential Library named naming Yeltsin (St. Petersburg) III "Leningrad souvenir", an experienced plant of the metal galangter and souvenirs1 State Memorial Museum of Avovorov (St. Petersburg, city)-icons 2 Territory 2(collection) 3 territory of Russia: St. Petersburg, city (collection) 4 A in Suvorov (collection) 5 people (collection) 6Souvenir badges - USSRBBK 633 (2-2SPB) 633-7YU9BBK 7914711 (2-2SPB) Yo9Electronic copy source: PBOriginal storage location: from a private meeting
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