The holographic icon "Leningrad" [Monument to Peter I]

The holographic icon "Leningrad" [Monument to Peter I]: [photography] / photographer A. Melentyev.- electronic data (2 files: 2.5 MB).-Sank -Petersburg: Presidential Library, 2015. -Access mode: Internet portal of the presidential library.Top based on an analysis of the object.Copying by users is not allowed.In the photo: the souvenir holographic icon "Leningrad".A rectangular icon, in the center - a symbolic image of the monument to Peter I ("Copper Horseman") on a silver background.On the lower edge of the inscription: "Leningrad".A layer of transparent acrylic (polymer resin) is applied to the image.White metal, polymer resin.Black and silver enamel.Stamping.Size 45x20 mm.The mounting is pinch.On the back of the manufacturer: the production association "Vibrator" (Leningrad).[Until 1991], price 40 kopecks.Location: from a private meeting.I. Melentyev, Alexey Mikhailovich (1958-).II.Presidential Library (St. Petersburg) .1.Peter I (1672–1725) (collection).2. Romanov’s house (collection).3. Territory (collection).4. Territory of Russia: St. Petersburg, city (collection).5. Peter I, a monument (Senate Square; St. Petersburg, city)-badges.6. Souvenir badges - USSR.BBK 63.3 (2-2SPB) 633-7YU9BBK 85.136.155y9Electronic copy source: PBOriginal storage location: from a private meeting
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