M. E. Saltykov-Shchedrin

Foldkovsky, Boris VasilyevichM. E. Saltykov-Shchedrin / B. Foldkovsky.- Leningrad: Mimitizdat, 1943. -120 p.;15 cm. - (Ingenious people of the Great Russian Nation).-On the cover the author is not specified.Bibliography in substitution notes..1. Saltykov-Shchedrin, Mikhail Evgrafovich (1826 - 1889).2. M. E. Saltykov-Shchedrin (Collection).3. People (collection).4. Russia in persons (collection).5. Russian language (collection).BBK 83.3 (2 = 411.2) 5-8Electronic Source: PBPlace of Storage Original: North-West Institute of Management - Branch of Ranjigs
Publisher ОГИЗ. Госполитиздат
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