Palace Square in Leningrad

Pilyavsky, Vladimir Ivanovich (1910-1984).
Palace Square in Leningrad / VI Pilyavsky, architect; Union of Soviet Architects. - Leningrad; Moscow: Art, 1944.-41, [3] p., [6] f. yl. ; 21 cm. - (Architectural Ensembles of Leningrad). -
Bibliography: with. 43.
. -3200 copies. .
1. Territory (collection). 2. St. Petersburg: pages of history (collection). 3. Territory of Russia: St. Petersburg, city (collection). 4. Palace Square (St. Petersburg, city).
BKB 85.113 (2-2PB)
BBC 63.3 (2-2Pb)
Source of electronic copy: PB
Location of original: North-West Institute of Management - branch of the Russian Academy of Science and Technology
Publisher Искусство
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