I.M. Sechenov

Musaelyan, Suren Hurshudovich
I. M. Sechenov / S. Musaelyan. - [Leningrad]: OGIZ. State Political Publishing House, [1943]. -40 s .. - (Brilliant people of the great Russian nation). -
Without a title page. Described by cover.
Bibliography in footnotes.
. -10000 copies .
I. Sechenov, Ivan Mikhailovich (1829-1905) .1. Sechenov, Ivan Mikhailovich (1829-1905). 2. The people (collection). 3. Russia in the faces (collection).
BBK 20d
BBK 63.3 (2) 53-8
Source of electronic copy: PB
Storehouse of the original: North-West Institute of Management - branch of RANEPA
Publisher ОГИЗ. Госполитиздат
Catalogue object
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