Atlas of the city of Tsarist village

Tsylov, Nikolai Ivanovich (led. KN; 1799-1879).Atlas of the city of Tsarsky village: with plans of the city and imp.Gardens and parks: with a detailed point of the streets, alleys, Kazen.and philistine homes / Sost.regiment.N [Ikolai] Tsylov.1857 - [St. Petersburg: Type.under the Tsarskoye Police, 1857].- [254] p.section.Pag.: portrait, pl .. -Before text, dedication Alexandrovich.In the bookAlso: pointer to the atlas.1858.1. Territory (collection).Electronic Source: PBPlace of storage of the original: Ros.Institute of Art History
Publisher Тип. при Царскосельской полиции

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