Zemskoy.G. 5. 1914. No. 4. February 20

Zemskoy affair: doubled.Journal for the development of Zemsky issues and comprehensive coverage of the activities and needs of Zemsky self-government in Russia.- St. Petersburg: D.D.Protopopov, 1912.1. People (collection).Electronic Source: PBPlace of Storage Original: RGPU them.A.I.Herzen5. 1914. No. 4. February 20.- 1914. - [92] with .. - -Content: after Zemsky Jubilee / A.A.Boulats.The draft law on the obligation of Zemstvo insurance ratings for insurance companies / A. Chernevich.Proportional elections in the local self-government of Baden / P.P.Grona.Zemstvo and Rustic Agricultural Societies / Agronom M.G.Shirman.Memory V.A.Vladimirsky / Agronom K. Klimov, [and others].- Bibliogr.in a substrateNote.and in the text..1. People (collection).Electronic Source: PBPlace of Storage Original: RGPU them.A.I.Herzen
Publisher Д.Д. Протопопов

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