A full dictionary of foreign words "115000", which included in Russian, with the following their roots

Bourdon, I.F.A full dictionary of foreign words "115000", included in Russian, with their roots: Sost.At the best sources of Bourdon and Michelson: a friend.kn.For references about the meaning of words used at times.branches of sciences, crafts and arts, as well as found in journal., Gas.and kN.- 8th ed., Act.and add.-St. Petersburg ;Moscow: Type.F. Johanson, 1885. - [4], 1072 p.;25 cm. -StoodaddTit.L.: Explanatory dictionary "115,000 foreign words ...".Stood1 ed."Slotorchloride 30000 foreign words ..."..I. Michelson, Alexey Davydovich.1.Russian language (collection).Electronic Source: PBPlace of Storage Original: Sverdlovsk region.Library for children and junior
Publisher Тип. Ф. Иогансон

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