Spore about Belinsky

Ayhenwald, Julius Isaevich (1872-1928).Spore about Belinsky: Answer critics / Yu. Ayhenwald.- Moscow: printing house and zincography. / D."Thought" (N. P. Mesnyankin and K °), 1914. -100 p.;24 cm. -.1. Belinsky, Vissarion Grigorievich (1811 - 1848) - the worldview.2. Russian (collection).3. People (collection).4. V. G. Belinsky (Collection).BBK 83.3 (2 = 411.2) 5-8Electronic Source: PBPlace of Storage Original: Sverdlovsk region.Library for children and junior
Publisher тип. и цинкогр. т./д. "Мысль" (Н.П. Меснянкин и К°)
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