Tales of recorded PA Gorodtsov

Gorodtsov, Peter A. (1865-1919).Tales of recorded PA Gorodtsov.- [Tobolsk Province, Tyumen county], 1906-1909.-434 with .. -Title of the accompanying document.Handwriting, cursive, ink.Contains: Bova prince: Tale number 1;Ilya Muromets: epic-tale;Kalmazan Vargutovich: Tale № 6;Eruslan Lazarevic: a fairy tale;Magic lamp: Tale № 8;Fedor Burmakin: Tale № 11;Thief Brahma: Tale-bylina № 15;Neznayka: Tale № 17;Martha princess and fire Snakes: Tale № 18;Yeruslan lazarevich: Tale phonetically written;Sivka Bourke, prophetic kaurka: Tale № 22;Tremsa: Tale № 23;Happiness poor Lazarus tale № 24;Ivan - the son of a merchant, and Martha - merchant's daughter: a fairy tale number 25..1. People (collection).2. Russian Tales - Western Siberia.3. Tobolsk Province - Ethnography.BBK 63.51 (28-8Tob) -7BBK 82.3 (2) -442electronic copy Source: Tyumen BSSThe storage location of the original: The museum complex of the Tyumen region
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