A life.1899. 2. January.Kn.2.

Life: lit., scientificAnd polit.journal/ SPB., 1897-1901.- St. Petersburg, 1897-1901.-Publishing house: 1897 T. 1-5 № 12 red.-Ed.S.V.Waries;1897 T. 5 No. 14/15 - 1899 T. 10 red.-Ed.D.M.Ostafyev;1899 T. 11 - 1901 Red.-Ed.M.S.Ermolaev.In return comes out of the same name illegal magazine, ed.In London in 1902№ 4 ed.stopped..1. People (collection).Electronic Source: PBPlace of Storage Original: RGPU them.A.I.Herzen1899. 2. January.Kn.2: Comes 3 times a month.- [Type.E. Evdokimova], 1899. -110 p.: Il., Table .. -On tit.L.: Scientific department.Contacts: From Copernicus to Darwin / [Op.] Prof.V. Fetter;Per.Lvovich.Preface to "human too human" / [cit.] Fr.Nietzsche;Per.D. Zhukovsky.About bourgeoisity / [cit.] D. Protopopova.International Society for Comparative Study of Law and Household / E. Varba.Base and add-in / [cit.] Fed.K-Sha, [et al.].- Bibliogr.in a substrateNote.and in the text..1. People (collection).Electronic Source: PBPlace of Storage Original: RGPU them.A.I.Herzen
Publisher [Тип. Е. Евдокимова]

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