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Russian Archive: Historical and Literary Collection, published under the Chertkovskaya Library - Moscow: University Typography (rinks and to °), 1863-1917 -The publication was discontinued in 1917 to No. 2/3Other title also: Russian archive published by Peter Bartenev"Russian Archive" - ​​a historical and literary collection, published in Moscow from 1863 to 1917, under the Chertkovskaya library founded by Peter Ivanovich Bartenev - a historian and literary critic, the director of the Chertkovskaya Library, the collection was published by numbers (notebooks), 12 rooms per year. Rooms were combinedThe number of rooms in the book in different years was different: 2, 3, 4 annual publishing books were sometimes reprinted on the pages of the Russian archive, archival documents and materials reflecting the history of Russia of the XVIII-XIX centuries, literary works, memoirs were publishedI Bartenev, Peter Ivanovich (1829-1912) II Chertkovskaya Library (Moscow) 1 Domestic serial and ongoing publications (collection) 2 Russia - History - CollectionsBBK 633 (2) Y4Y5Electronic Source: PBOriginal Storage Place: GPIBG 7 1869, 3 - Typography Gracheva and K, 1869 - [116] C -Contains: letters from Vienna from Prince Alexander Borisovich Kurakina to the sovereign Empress Mary Feodorovna, 1807: French originals with Russian translation Story of Emperor Pavel Petrovich about the vision of Peter Great: Note in Andreeva Peter Movement with Emperor Pavel Petrovic (1797) and Diary PrinceN in Repnina: Article M F de Pule, on the negotiated papers of Prince Kantemir to Feofan Prokopovich about Pastor Miliard, who appealing in Orthodoxy (1734) / with Preface N and Grigorovich Count Count GG Orlov with FA Rousseau, 1767 / with preface inIn Andreeva, samples of political satire in Poland in the Epoch of Falls: Article D and Ilovaysky (STB 584-588 (scans 102-104)), [and other materials] - Bibliography in the text1 Power (Collection) 2 people (Collection) 3 Domestic serial and continuing editions (collection) 4 D and Ilovaysky (Collection) 5 Russia - History - Periodicals 6 Russia - Politics and Management - History - PeriodicalsBBK 633 (2) y52Electronic Source: PBPlace of storage of the original: RGPU them A andHerzen
Publisher Тип. Грачева и К
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