Russian archive.G. 7. 1869. 10

Russian archive: East.-Lit.Sat: shorts.B-KE.- Moscow, 1863-1917, 1990-.-Precr.For 1917 No. 2/3.Resumed.Since 1990.Publishing house: 1864 P. Bartenev and N. Kiselev;1865-1897, 1900-1912 P. Bartenev;1898-1899 P. and Y. Bartenev;1913-1917 P. Bartenev (ml.);Vol.1 (1990) Capital;Vol.2 (603) (1992) IHL "Rus. Archive".SONG: 1863 shorts.b-ke;1864 East.-Lit.Sat, dedicated.predominantly research.Russia in the XVIII-XIX shorts.b-ke;1865-1866 East.-Lit.Sat, shorts.B-KE and dedicate.predominantly research.Russia in the XVII and XIX centuries;1867-1872 shorts.b-ke;1990 rus.Eastjournal.I. CHILK LIBRARY (Moscow) .1.Power (collection).Electronic Source: PBPlace of Storage Original: RGPU them.A.I.HerzenG. 7. 1869. 10. - Type.T. Fig, 1869. - [84] with .. - -Content: From Paper Gabriel, Metropolitan of St. Petersburg and Novgorod / (Extraked, with Notes N.I. Grigorovich).Baron K.F.Levensktern, and letters to him of the Grand Duke Mikhail Pavlovich, c.Arakcheev, etc. / with Notes M.I.Semevsky.Literary evening at P.A.Pletnev / Article I.S.Turgenev.The painting of the royal hunt, approved by the emperor Peter II.Letters of Speransky to A.A.Stolypin, with the afterword D.A.Stolypin, [and others].- a substrateNote.and in the text..1. Power (collection).Electronic Source: PBPlace of Storage Original: RGPU them.A.I.Herzen
Publisher тип. Т. Рис

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