Live broadcasts

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Date Starts Ends Event
10:00 11:30
Methodological workshop “My profile is history. Features and typical errors of performing the Unified State Examination paper in history"
11:00 12:30
Video lecture “Knowledge of Russia” entitled “Ivan the Terrible”
14:00 15:30
Video lecture "Knowledge of Russia" entitled “Rhythms of Everyday Life: Revealing the Secrets of the History of Engineering in the Southern Urals”
10:00 10:30
Thematic webinar “Russian Academy of Sciences: 300 years of progress”
15:00 16:30
Video lecture Knowledge of Russia entitled “Yuri Alekseevich Gagarin - a citizen and a person”, dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the birth of the cosmonaut, Hero of the Soviet Union
14:00 15:30
Video lecture “Knowledge of Russia” entitled “The Siege: Research Continues. New Historical Sources and New Questions"
12:00 14:00
Web conference “Development of North-Western Siberia” (as part of the Festival “Development of North-Western Siberia” on the eve of the celebration of the 430th anniversary of Surgut foundation)
11:00 13:30
International Scientific Conference “190 years since the birth of Dmitri Mendeleev. Preservation of scientific heritage"
11:00 12:00
Multimedia lesson for schoolchildren “Entrepreneurship and catering industry: the path to creativity and freedom” from the series of lessons “The Origins of St. Petersburg Hospitality: Events, People, Places”
16:00 18:00
Video lecture “Knowledge of Russia” entitled «Hacking of the «Manhattan Project» and the role of the Cambridge Five in this project»
10:00 12:30
Scientific and educational conference dedicated to the participation of the USSR Navy in the Great Patriotic War “Let's preserve the memory of the war: a chronicle of the war at sea. 1944: January - July"
14:00 14:50
V All-Russian Ethnodictation in the languages of indigenous peoples of the North, Siberia and the Far East of the Russian Federation with international participation
14:00 17:00
Gala event dedicated to the 165th anniversary of the Imperial Archaeological Commission
14:00 15:30
Video lecture Knowledge of Russia entitled “Coat of Arms of Russia (double-headed eagle): the Past and the Present”
12:00 13:30
Video lecture “Knowledge of Russia: ”VIII Charitable memorial event “Grateful Leningrad”
14:00 15:30
Video lecture “Knowledge of Russia” dedicated to the Council Code
10:00 13:00
Conference and webinar "Alexander Pushkin's Memorial Day in the Presidential Library" dedicated to the 225th anniversary of the poet's birthday and the Year of the Family
11:00 12:30
Video lecture “Knowledge of Russia” entitled “Science and industry - these are my dreams” marking the 190th anniversary of Dmitri Ivanovich Mendeleev (1834–1907)
11:00 12:30
Video lecture “Knowledge of Russia” entitled “Valentina Grigorievna Chernukha: reflections of a historian”
14:45 17:00
Ceremonial meeting and concert dedicated to the 300th anniversary of the founding of the Russian State Archive of the Navy