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The Presidential Library has formed an interregional and foreign information network. Systematically opening the centers of remote access in Russia and foreign countries, the institution is developing as a cultural, educational, scientific and educational multimedia center.
In accordance with the decree of the President of the Russian Federation of June 18, 2007 No. 326-rp, the branches of the Presidential Library should be established in all constituent entities of the Russian Federation. To date, the Presidential Library has opened more than 600 remote access centers in all 85 regions of the country.
38 remote access centers of the Presidential Library work abroad in 29 countries, including Germany, the USA, Italy, Spain, Austria, Great Britain and others. The centers are open on the basis of Russian centers of science and culture and national libraries. Visitors to the Presidential Library can work with the catalogs of these libraries and gain access to the world's intellectual and cultural values, become participants in a variety of projects.

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Regional network

Kemerovo Region Recalls Vladimir Mayakovski’s Poetry

19 July 2018

On this day, July 19, 1893, Vladimir Mayakovski was born. The Kemerovo Regional Center of the Presidential Library suggests recalling his poems, which the poet wrote down with a "ladder" - with line breaks on certain words and the continuation of the recording from a new line, that helps to read with true intonation.

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