Regional and foreign network

The Presidential Library has formed an interregional and foreign information network. Systematically opening the centers of remote access in Russia and foreign countries, the institution is developing as a cultural, educational, scientific and educational multimedia center.
In accordance with the decree of the President of the Russian Federation of June 18, 2007 No. 326-rp, the branches of the Presidential Library should be established in all constituent entities of the Russian Federation. To date, the Presidential Library has opened more than 600 remote access centers in all 85 regions of the country.
38 remote access centers of the Presidential Library work abroad in 29 countries, including Germany, the USA, Italy, Spain, Austria, Great Britain and others. The centers are open on the basis of Russian centers of science and culture and national libraries. Visitors to the Presidential Library can work with the catalogs of these libraries and gain access to the world's intellectual and cultural values, become participants in a variety of projects.

Department of interregional and interdepartmental cooperation

International Relations Department



Regional network

“The Department Day” educational event launched in Kurgan Region

19 September 2018

On September 19, 2018 the Ecological Culture and Information Center, A. K. Yugov Kurgan Regional Research Library launched “The Department Day” educational event, which aims to arrange work with students, provide information for educational activities and research work.

Foreign network

Photo exhibition “Protected Nature of Russia” launched in Baku

21 September 2018

The Russian Information and Cultural Center in Baku opened “Protected Nature of Russia” photo exhibition, provided by Rosconcert Federal Directorate of Music and Festival Programs as a part of “Cross-Cultural Exchange between Russia and Azerbaijan” project. On display are photographs of wonderful northern nature, made in Murmansk Region.