Regional and foreign network

The Presidential Library has formed interregional and foreign information network. The institution acts as a cultural, educational, scientific and multimedia center due to opening remote access centers in Russia and foreign countries.

In accordance with the order of the President of the Russian Federation of June 18, 2007 No. 326-rp the branches of the Presidential Library should be established in all constituent entities of the Russian Federation. Today, the Presidential Library has opened over 1400 remote access centers on the territory of the Russian Federation.

49 remote access centers of the Presidential Library are open abroad in 33 countries. The centers are based on Russian centers of science and culture and national libraries. Visitors to the Presidential Library have opportunity to deal with the catalogs of these libraries and gain access to the world's intellectual and cultural values becoming participants in a variety of projects.

Department of interregional and interdepartmental cooperation

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Regional network

Foreign network

Damascus University students to study Russian thanks to online courses

22 March 2023

The Russian House in Damascus and the North Caucasus Federal University are organizing intensive online Russian language courses for students of the Russian Language Department of the University of Damascus. The training program is developed taking into account country specifics. As a result, students will receive certificates.