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Young Pushkin scholars awarded at the Presidential library

15 June 2018

Today, on June 15, 2018, the Presidential Library hosted a solemn award ceremony for the winners and prizewinners of the All-Russian competition "You, Like the First Love, Russia’s heart will not forget ...", dedicated to the life and work of Alexander Pushkin. There are 32 schoolchildren, who have become the contest’s winners, and other 64 are among the prize-winners.

This year, the competition has attracted 765 works. The contest’s geography is vast: from Kamchatka to Kaliningrad. Crimean pupils took an active part in the competition. Schoolchildren from Donetsk People's Republic also joined the competition.

…Pushkin and the Navy, Pushkin and the romantic story of the 19th century, Alexander Pushkin’s descendants, his works in the mirror of cinema, the image of Napoleon in Pushkin's works and the poet’s iconography - these and other topics were studied by young Pushkin scholars via the Presidential Library's electronic resources. Rare historical materials unveiling the life and work of Alexander Pushkin were accessible in the electronic collection dedicated to the poet on the Presidential Library’s website. It comprises digitized books, articles, archival documents, video films, fine arts pieces etc.

The competition "You, like the First Love, Russia’s heart will not forget ...", which had began as a district one, quickly grew into an urban, and a year later, in 2017, received the All-Russian status. Its organizers express confidence that in the near future it will become international, and cooperation with the Presidential Library, which is one of the founders of the contest, will be strong and long-term. The solemn award ceremony of the contest’s winners in the Presidential Library has become a tradition - today it has been held for the fourth time.

The Presidential Library has been working actively with the youth. One of the large-scale projects is the Olympiad for schoolchildren «Russia in the electronic world» which is held jointly with the Herzen State Pedagogical University and the Chief Scientific Research Computing Center of the Department of Presidential Affairs of the Russian Federation. As to history and social studies, it is included in the List of Olympiads for schoolchildren, approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, what gives its winners and prize winners the advantages while entering universities. This year Olympiad, that was held for the eighth time, has attracted more than 5,200 schoolchildren from all 85 constituent entities of the Russian Federation, as well as seven foreign countries: Algeria, Ukraine, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan. In total, since 2010, around 33 thousand students of 10th-11th classes have taken part in the project, which aims to involve students in studying the sources on the history of Russia, the theory and practice of Russian statehood.

It is also necessary to mention «Knowledge about Russia» video lecture center - the educational project launched by the Presidential Library and aimed at students and senior pupils with a profound study of social disciplines and humanities. Within the existence of this project (since 2011), about 200 lectures delivered by prominent Russian scientist on topical issues of theory and practice of Russian statehood, the Russian language as the state language of the Russian Federation and others have been recorded.

The development of a new Internet resource for schoolchildren "Gosudarika" - a large-scale educational project of the Presidential Library for students aged 14-18 is underway. Its purpose is to attract the youth to unique documents and materials on the history of Russian statehood and the Russian language as the state language of the Russian Federation, which are available in the electronic holdings of the Presidential Library.